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ALL-IN Youth Participant

Being a part of ALL-IN has given me an opportunity to grow with others in the community. I have learned a lot, like to appreciate the things we have, and the people we have around us. I also learned how to be more social with others.


Nowadays because of phones and technology we tend to forget how important people and personal relationships are. So, at ALL-IN we put our phones down, we have conversations, we do actives together. We have fun, and that’s what I love most about it.

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ALL-IN Youth Participant

At ALL-IN I am thankful that we learn about God, because He made us. I look forward to spending time with other people, having fun, learning about myself and others, and doing things I have never done before, one of the things my mentor always tells me is; You don’t know if you like it, until you try it… so let’s get going.



ALL-IN Youth Participant

Hey, my name is Dia'Vion and I'm 16 years old. I've been going to ALL-IN since I was 13 and I think it has had a lot of high and some low moments, but all I can think about when I look back is the good times.


Mentoring has benefited me by helping me develop a personal relationship with God and taught me a lot of life skills like responsibility and how to become a better leader. Some things I enjoy about going to group is going to see the people I’ve learned to grow love and care for and seeing people I know that loves and cares for me.


Also I enjoy going and talking about more than beliefs. We talk about our outside life and grades and anything we needed and all of that.  Youth group is really a privilege and it is a part of the person I am today.


ALL-IN Youth Parent

Crystal (Parent of Damarion) -The Rise Up program was an awesome and very effective program! My son and I both not only enjoyed the events, but also benefitted from the program. The mentors and other staff seem to put all their attention into the kids.


I really loved the idea of my son being a part of such a positive, hands on experience! Every day I dropped him off, there was a new event, or activity to keep the kids busy. A couple of great memories that stick out were horseback riding, wall climbing and mural making!


The best part of it was, that it was so jam packed with hands on activities... Not just fun things, but essential things, such as changing a tire! My son gained so many things, attending this program. He was able to have fun, learn and have access to a mentor for support, which he still connects with still to this day. We truly enjoyed the program and appreciate all the hard work that was put into making it a success!